The price of beans

The price of beans was offered today without any particular change compared to the previous day. To know the price of Iranian and foreign beans, contact our experts.

A 10-15% reduction in the price of beans

The price of beans decreased by 10 to 15 percent in April 1400. The reason for this decrease in the price of legumes is the warming of the air and the difficult conditions of their maintenance, the reduction of consumption and harvesting of new crops.

Currently, the price of Canadian lentils is 23,000 tomans, red beans 25,000 tomans, pinto beans between 30 and 32,000 tomans, foreign pinto beans between 27 and 30,000 tomans, cobs 39,000 tomans, peas 25,000 tomans and Russian peas 22,000 tomans.

Daily price list of beans

Price in Tomans, product type
23,000 bulk chick peas
24,000 bulk large lentils
22,000 bulk small lentils

Bulk large mash
22000 bulk small mung beans
26,000 bulk red beans
32,500 bulk pinto beans
27,000 bulk white beans
34160 bulk beans
32,000 bulk two-color beans
43920 bulk beans, agricultural worms
25,600 bulk lentils
42000 bulk cobs, Azar Shahrak
26,000 bulk yellow beans/beans
35,000 bulk foreign cowpeas

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The unique properties of legumes in health

The unique properties of legumes are effective and practical in health that you will get to know. Legumes have a very high nutritional value and are rich in protein. Another source of protein for the body is meat, which some people cannot afford. The body also needs protein to continue its activity and maintain health, so consuming legumes is a good alternative to meat and providing protein.

When consuming legumes, you should avoid all types of them, including; Use lentils, beans, peas, etc. so that you can compensate for the lack of protein in the body with these legumes. In addition to protein, legumes also contain amino acids and have many therapeutic properties for health.

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