Which Iranian agricultural product is the most popular in the world?

Which Iranian agricultural product is the most popular in the world?  In a report, the Tehran Chamber of Commerce examined the situation of trade in Iranian agricultural products in the first quarter of this year, which shows that imports in this sector are higher than exports.

According to ISNA, in addition to oil, petroleum and petrochemical products and mineral products, Iranian agricultural products are one of the main sectors in the country’s export basket and in recent years an important part of these products have been exported to neighboring countries.

Although Iran still has a long way to go in industrial agriculture, both in terms of branding and agricultural productivity to manage water consumption, a significant portion of Iran’s surplus agricultural goods are sold in international markets. However, statistics for the first quarter of this year show that Iran imported more than it exported.

A new report by the Tehran Chamber of Commerce shows that in the spring of 1400, Iran’s total agricultural trade was about $ 4.6 billion, of which $ 1.2 billion was allocated to exports and $ 3.4 billion to imports.

Accordingly, Iran’s exports in this sector compared to the spring of last year decreased by 1.1 percent and imports increased by 34 percent. Also, the share of agricultural products in the total trade of Iran in the field of import was 32.8% and in export was 11.4%.

In the first quarter of this year, pistachios, watermelons and tomatoes were the most popular exports of Iran, and these three items accounted for 30% of the total export value of Iran’s agricultural products.

Among export destinations, as in previous years, Iraq still has the highest demand, followed by Afghanistan and the United Arab Emirates. Together, these three countries account for 53% of Iran’s total agricultural exports.

Among agricultural imports, corn, sunflower seeds and transgenic soybeans accounted for 45% of total imports. The main exporters of agricultural products to Iran were the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Switzerland. These three countries account for about 49% of Iran’s total imports in this area.

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