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Types of Vietnamese rice and its characteristics

Types of Vietnamese rice and its characteristics: Rice is divided into three types based on grain size: long, medium and short, whose texture varies from fluffy to creamy and sticky.

Long grain rice, as its name implies, contains long and thin grains. The seeds remain separate during cooking and the final product is usually dry and solid. This type of rice is usually of the Patna or Carolina type (sometimes labeled as such). Most rice is polished white, but long grain brown rice is also available. Patna rice comes from Asia. Carolina rice, which is slightly thicker in appearance than North America.


Short and medium grain rice contains more amylopectin. Amylopectin is a starch component that causes stickiness and is much less in long grain rice. This type of rice is used in recipes that require a creamy or sticky texture, such as risotto, pudding and sushi, because the individual grains stick together after cooking.

The shape, size, texture and other characteristics of different types of rice affect how it is used in recipes, types of suitable foods and how it is prepared. Each country has its favorite types of rice and prefers certain types for its food.

Vietnam is one of the largest exporters of rice in the world. rice is the main cultivated crop of this land. Vietnam is a country with a pleasant climate, located in Southeast Asia, with an area of ​​331,690 square kilometers. It is located in the east of the Indian subcontinent and is bounded on the east by the South China Sea. Vietnam is a long strip of land and has three regions: The North, the Central Highlands and the Mekong River Delta.


According to statistics obtained in 2016, about 40% of Vietnam’s land is dedicated to agriculture. In this country, only land located in flat areas is not considered. In the highlands, wherever possible, it is dedicated to planting crops.

The variety of Vietnamese rice products is huge. In this article, we review a number of types of Vietnamese rice:

White rice in Vietnam (504)

Vietnam white rice of type IR50404 (or IR504) is produced by the IRRI International Rice Institute and has been grown on farms in the Mekong Delta since 1992. The good characteristics of this type of rice, such as high productivity, good adaptation to agricultural land and short-term growth, led to increased yields. Therefore, it has lowered the price of rice, which is very convenient for the consumer.

Vietnam white rice grain is medium length with matte ivory white and slightly broken. Due to its high amylose content, IR50404 rice is dry in texture, but when cooked, it becomes slightly broken, sweet and spongy.

Long grain white rice Vietnam (OM5451)

5451 OM rice is a long grain type of aromatic rice that is a blend of 85 Jasmine and 2490 OM varieties. This type of rice grows in the Mekong Delta provinces, is fully functional and meets the expectations of export standards.

The seeds of this cultivar are tall, narrow, slightly gypsum and slightly milky. Rice has an elastic and soft texture, it is slightly fragrant when cooked, even when it is cold.

Fragrant Rice

DT 8 is a high quality pure rice cultivar studied and selected by the Vinaseed Seed Group of Vietnam, which is currently the main rice variety in the Mekong Delta Bull Rice as well as the south central coast and central highlands.

This model has a relatively short growth time, is fully functional and meets export standards.

DT 8 has a distinct light fragrance, glossy white, flexible. This type of rice is still flexible and delicious until the end of its milling season.

Japanese rice (Japonica Rice)

 Japanese rice (sushi rice) is a short grain type of Japanese rice, sometimes called cinnica rice, one of the two main domestic varieties of Asian rice. Japanese rice is widely grown and consumed in China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. In Vietnam, it grows mainly in Dongtop and Anjiang provinces.

Rice grains are round, thick and hard. This rice is stickier and moist when cooked because of its higher amylopectin content.

Jasmine Rice

Jasmine rice is mainly grown in southern Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. When cooked, it has a moist and soft texture and a slightly sweet taste. The grains are sticky and somewhat sticky when cooked, although they are less sticky than sticky rice (Oryza sativa var. Glutinosa) because it has less amylopectin. This rice is almost three times stickier than American long grain rice.

To harvest jasmine rice, its long stems are cut and beaten. You can then keep the rice in the husk, called paddy rice, or grind the skin to make brown rice, or take all the bran to make white rice.


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