Types of Chinese Pinto Beans

Pinto beans : Pinto beans are among the dicotyledonous plants that have a tastier taste than other beans. Other features of this bean include less bloating, as well as more protein and fiber than other types of beans, so that the amount of protein is equal to meat. Pinto beans are one of the most widely consumed beans in Iran and have many fans.

Properties of pinto beans


In addition to its good taste, pinto beans have many benefits for the human body. Pinto beans can be useful for relieving dry skin, preventing hair loss, regulating blood sugar, lowering cholesterol, treating constipation, etc.

Pinto beans can be mentioned as one of the enemies of fat, which is opposed to weight gain and is therefore one of the most popular foods for athletes.

Types of pinto beans


Pinto beans in the Iranian market can be generally divided into two types, foreign and Iranian, each of which has different types. Foreign pinto beans have been imported to Iran from different countries such as China, Uganda, Argentina, Uzbekistan, South Africa, Brazil, Turkey and 3, each of which has special characteristics and taste.

Iranian pinto beans are also cultivated in different regions, from the central provinces, especially in the regions of Khomein, Shazand, and… to the provinces of Zanjan, Chaharmahal Bakhtiari, Khorramabad, Fars, and…, each of which has a different appearance and taste.

In the meantime, it should be said that Chinese pinto beans are a type of foreign pinto beans that are welcomed in the Iranian cereal market and have both food and canned consumption.

Types of Chinese pinto beans

Chinese pinto beans on the market can be divided into two general categories:

Round type

The first example is round Chinese pinto beans, also called 150-160 Long type

Long type

This type of Chinese pinto bean is called 180-200 sample.

This product has the desired quality and reasonable price, which is purchased for various purposes and is traded in 25 kg bags. Due to the difference in the appearance of these two types of beans, their quality and price are also different. Round Chinese pinto beans have better quality and, of course, a higher price compared to the long type. Round Chinese pinto beans are priced about 30-40% higher than the long type because of their resemblance to the Iranian type.


Beans that are imported to Iran from China change color quickly and turn from the primary white to red, and it is possible to distinguish the freshness of this type of bean from its color. In fact, the fresher the beans, the better they taste and the faster they cook. When beans change color, they lose customers in the retail market, so they are used in the canning or cooking industries.

The difference between foreign and Iranian pinto beans

Foreign pinto beans have a darker color and lighter weight than Iranian beans.

Its skin can be easily removed even when it is dry.

Foreign bean seeds are larger than Iranian bean seeds.

One of the advantages of foreign beans is that they cook faster.

This type of bean is available in the market in a completely clean and uniform way, but if it is cooked too much, it may lose its shape and its skin will peel off. Imported beans are well received in our country due to their reasonable price and variety of quality.

It is noteworthy that this bean is imported both new and old, which makes it available at different prices. Both new and old types are consumed in food and canned food, and their high purchase by food activists and canning factories has forced many traders to import.

Normally, imported beans, such as Chinese types, are completely clean and so-called hand-picked, and the buyer does not have to worry about their cleanliness, in addition to having the desired quality.

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