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Supply and Export of Iranian Tomato and Tomato Paste

Supply and Export of Iranian Tomato and Tomato Paste

?Tomato, fruit or vegetable

There is a constant question of whether tomatoes are included in fruits or vegetables? Botanically, the fruit is obtained by fertilizing the seeds of a flower, such as squash, cucumber, corn, etc. But vegetables are parts of the plant that have not turned into fruit, including spinach, carrots, potatoes, Onions, and

From this definition, it is inferred that tomato is a fruit, but in agriculture and horticulture, it is still considered a vegetable due to its lack of kernels.

You may think that tomatoes are a vegetable or fruit is a trivial matter, but it is interesting to know that this is very important for fruit and vegetable traders. For example, in one year, according to US customs duties, vegetable imports were taxed, while fruit imports were not taxed. Therefore, in cases such as export and import of products, being in the field of fruits or vegetables can have significant effects on trade. Maybe that’s why this question is asked 50,000 times a month on Google.

!!! Tomato, the most popular fruit

Did you know that tomatoes are at the top of the list of most popular fruits? Despite the popularity and high consumption of mangoes, apples, and bananas, tomatoes are still on top of the list. This may be due to the high harvest and consumption of raw or cooked tomatoes worldwide.

Properties of tomatoes

Did you know that 95% of the tomato content is water and the rest is fiber and carbohydrates? However, tomatoes are a rich source of vitamins and minerals that are very good for our health. Tomatoes provide useful energy for sports activities. Tomatoes control blood glucose, control diabetes, and strengthen the body’s nervous system.

Regular consumption of tomatoes increases learning and strengthens memory in people, and by containing antioxidants, makes the body resistant to infectious diseases as well as cancer. Tomatoes are also very useful for treating depression and relieving stressors, helping to improve eyesight, caring for the heart, skin, hair, and bones. Tomatoes have many healing properties, but here just a few of them are referred.

History of Tomato Paste

  Tomatoes are abundant in the warm seasons of the year but are rare and expensive in the cold seasons. Hence, tomato chips or tomato paste are used for regular use of this popular and useful fruit.

Tomato paste was used as a food seasoning for the first time in Italy. The Italians used tomato puree to flavor foods such as pizza, pasta, and spaghetti. This was done both in factories and at home.

Export of tomatoes

There are many things to consider when exporting this popular product. Including harvest and picking time, temperature and storage conditions and type of packaging.

There are generally three types of tomatoes for export: greenhouse tomatoes, field tomatoes, and cluster tomatoes. Tomatoes harvested in the summer are the best tomatoes of their kind. To consume tomatoes in all seasons, they are cultivated in the greenhouse. Greenhouse tomatoes have a thicker skin and have a longer shelf life during the export distance, but in terms of taste and aroma are not comparable to field tomatoes.

Tomatoes are classified as climacteric fruits. This means that the ripening process continues even after picking the product, it should only be noted that the product has a full growth in size but has not fully reached up to the time of shipment for export destinations.

Export of tomato paste

The production of tomato paste is increasing all over the world as well as in our country, Iran. Naturally, the export of tomato paste is also on the rise. Because the demand for this product has increased in Iran’s neighboring countries.

Italy, China, the United States, and Spain have the largest exports of tomato paste in the world. Iran is ranked sixth among the top 10 exporters of tomato paste in the world. The main importers of Iranian tomato paste are Iraq, Afghanistan, and Russia.

The main supply and export of tomatoes and tomato paste is done by Kian Karaman Aria Trading Company with a history of activity in the field of foreign trade. We are ready to provide export marketing services to reputable producers and traders in the field of export of tomatoes and tomato paste, and by having our commercial offices in different countries and with the benefit of local experts located in China, UAE and other countries, we will be your bridge of communication with foreign buyers.

Kian Karaman Aria Company with a brilliant history in foreign trade is one of the largest suppliers of goods in the field of trade of handmade and machine-made carpets, domestic and foreign legumes and pulses, dried fruits and nuts, dairy products, spices, saffron, foodstuffs, and petrochemical and plastic raw materials. One of the most important goals of the management of this complex is the direct supply of saffron types according to the World Health Standard and the Food and Drug Administration with the qualities desired by customers and offering competitive prices to esteemed customers.

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