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History of Pistachio – Major seller of Persian pistachios

Pistachio is a Persian word that has entered European languages ​​through Latin. The pistachio tree originates in the Middle East and Central Asia and grows in countries such as Iran, Syria, Turkmenistan, and western Afghanistan. In 2017, Iran was the world’s first largest producer of pistachio. In 1929, an American botanist took 10 kilograms of pistachio seeds from Iran to the United States to grow in his home country. After a few years, he realized that only one sample of the seeds was suitable for the climate and soil of California and named it “Kerman”. Hence, Iranian and American pistachios are of the same race, but soil and climate differences have distinguished the taste of Iranian pistachios. In general, about 575,000 tons of pistachios are produced annually in Iran, but only 10% of this amount is consumed domestically, the remaining 90% is exported to other countries. 80% of Iranian pistachios are obtained from Damghan, Rafsanjan, Zarand, Kashkuyeh, Sirjan, and Anar and Neyriz cities.

Types of Pistachios

About 90 types of pistachios are known in Iran. But the most important types of pistachios that are traded in Iran are: Hazelnut pistachio (round pistachio), Kaleghoochi pistachio (Jumbo pistachio), Khanjari pistachio, Akbari pistachio and Ahmad Aghaei pistachio.

The Benefits of Pistachios

Fresh pistachios enter the market in late summer and are very tasty and useful. Pistachio has many properties, some of which are mentioned here.

  • Pistachio lowers blood cholesterol, so it is very useful to prevent heart disease. It also lowers high blood pressure and lowers cholesterol and takes care of the heart muscles.
  • Pistachio balances the body’s nervous system and helps prevent disorders such as anger, anxiety and depression, stress, and insomnia.
  • Pistachio contains many antioxidants and can prevent premature aging.
  • This edible brain, although is rich in fiber and fat, helps to lose weight. Because consuming a sufficient amount of pistachios can increase metabolism and reduce the tendency to consume harmful fats.
  • Pistachio consumption can also lower blood sugar and prevent diabetes.
  • One of the amazing properties of pistachio is its improved eyesight.
  • Pistachio also regulates the intestinal function and its consumption along with fruits and vegetables can be effective in improving intestinal problems.
  • Daily consumption of pistachios can prevent anemia because it contains large amounts of iron in its composition.

Raw Pistachio Kernels

This type of pistachio kernels is without shells, which are produced in certain regions in Iran and Turkey. Sometimes these pistachios are not yet fully ripe and are raw. Peeled green pistachios are known as expensive and luxurious pistachios among other pistachios due to the difficult and expensive process of peeling raw and closed pistachios. These types of pistachios are used in many cases, including sweets, ice cream, and hams.

Raw pistachio kernels are classified into 6 types depending on the level of green color, from dark green to light green or yellow. Peeled green raw pistachios can be obtained from any type of Iranian pistachio, but it is mostly prepared from round pistachios and jumbo. This type of pistachio is very tasty and expensive and is in great demand in the world.

Pistachio Contamination with Aflatoxins

Since pistachio is the second largest non-oil export item in the country, we should try to maintain the position of Iranian pistachios in the world market in terms of quality and health. Currently, pistachio contamination with aflatoxin is the main problem of our country’s pistachio exports. Aflatoxins are poisonous substances produced by the fungus Aspergillus. This fungus grows on many agricultural products, including pistachios, at specific humidity and temperatures. Infection with the toxin of this fungus may occur at various stages such as harvesting, processing, storage, or transportation. The extent of this contamination depends on temperature, humidity, and storage. Therefore, to prevent aflatoxin contamination of the product, the following steps must be taken carefully: proper aeration, fast transportation of the product in the harvest stage, rapid drying of the product in the processing stage, and storage and transportation of the product in low humidity and cool environment. Also, the storage of the pistachio crop should be free from insects and rodents.

Pistachio Export

Pistachio is one of the most important agricultural products for export in Iran. Iranian pistachio is known in the world for its high quality and excellent taste and has many fans, and due to the high exchange rate of this product, it is very important for traders and investors in the export sector.

To export pistachios, you must first examine the target countries for export. The largest importers of Iranian pistachios are Germany, Iraq, Kazakhstan, UAE, India, Spain, and Russia, respectively. Meanwhile, Germany, Lebanon, Italy, and the UAE are the buyers of the most expensive and high-quality Iranian pistachios, but Spain is the buyer of the cheapest Iranian pistachios. Therefore, recognizing the needs and tastes of export target countries helps pistachio sellers and exporters a lot.

The main supply and export of pistachio is done by Kian Karaman Aria Trading Company with a history of activity in the field of foreign trade. We are ready to provide export marketing services to reputable producers and traders in the field of pistachio exports, and by having our commercial offices in different countries and benefiting from local experts based in China, UAE and other countries, we will be your bridge of communication with foreign buyers.

Kian Karaman Aria Company with a brilliant history in foreign trade is one of the largest suppliers of goods in the field of trade of handmade and machine-made carpets, domestic and foreign legumes and pulses, dried fruits and nuts, dairy products, spices, saffron, and petrochemical and plastic raw materials. One of the most important goals of the management of this complex is the direct supply of saffron types according to the World Health Standard and the Food and Drug Administration with the qualities desired by customers and offering competitive prices to esteemed customers.

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