Machine-Made Carpet Designs

About machine – made carpet designs


Get acquainted with the designs of machine-made carpets, if you have problems in choosing your carpet!

The machine-made carpet designs that are produced are very diverse and for this reason, you can see a huge range of designs in machine-made carpet stores and exhibitions.

Get acquainted with machine-made carpet designs


Classic machine-made carpet has different types of molds. Each of these templates has an outline that by getting acquainted with them, you can more easily buy your desired machine-made carpets. In fact, these designs are the same designs that are used in handmade carpets and are very popular.

In the case of modern carpets, we must say that they do not use special principles in their design, but they have types that cause similar designs to be placed in a specific category.

Afshan design


One of the designs of machine-made carpets, which is known as the royal design and has been used in the palaces of kings and nobles of Iran, is a carpet that is now known as an Afshan design carpet. In Afshan designs, large patterns are not used and usually small patterns are scattered throughout the carpet.

The philosophy of naming these carpets as Afshan is that the carpet designs are “scattered” throughout the original context of Afshan. People who are not interested in crowded design carpets can use Afshan machine-made carpets in their decoration.

Lachak Toranj design


Other designs of machine-made carpets that can be mentioned are the popular designs of Lachak Toranj. Many handmade rugs are woven with Lachak Toranj patterns. In Lachak Toranj carpets, a pattern in the form of a circle, rhombus or oval can be seen in the center of the carpet, and in the four corners of the main context of the carpet, there are symmetrical designs. The large central design of the carpet is called Toranj or altar, and the symmetrical designs in the corners of the carpet are also known as Lachak.

In fact, the philosophy of designing Lachak Toranj design carpets is the architecture of traditional Iranian houses that have four gardens on the four sides of the yard and a pond in the middle.

Kheshti design

Kheshti designs are one of the unique designs of machine-made carpets. If you look at this design from a distance, it is seen as checkered, in each of the squares of that, a different design can be seen from the other squares. In fact, each of these squares with different designs is called a Khesht, and finally such designs are called Kheshti designs.

Shekargah Design

Another machine carpet design is the Shekargah design. The Shekargah design is a visual design that depicts the space of a hunting environment with animals and hunters with miniature designs. This carpet design is mostly seen in 1200 Reeds carpets.

Combined designs of machine-made carpets


Combined designs are those that are designed from a combination of the various plans mentioned above. For example, if you have seen the design of the silver pond, it is one of those that is designed from a combination of Kheshti and Lachak Torang designs.

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