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Kyrgyz red beans

Kyrgyz red beans : Red bean is an annual climbing plant with beautiful flowers, long fleshy pods and large bright red fruits. The crescent-shaped red bean is shiny, and depending on its type, its color varies from bold wine to colorful pink. Red beans have the densest shell, tender flesh and slightly oily with a pleasant nutty taste.

Red bean calories

The caloric content of red beans is 93 kcal per 100 g of product. The use of legumes in food is recommended by nutritionists around the world. Among the valuable properties of this product are its easy digestion and very low calories. At the same time, beans contain a lot of useful substances and vitamins.

Useful compounds and properties of red beans

Protein supplier:

Red bean – provides a high quality and easy to digest protein that is equal to the protein of meat products and surpasses it in terms of content of useful substances.

Rich in vitamins:

The composition of red beans is rich in B vitamins and is a natural B complex and also contains vitamins C, H and PP as well as almost all minerals necessary for the human body, including potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc. , Copper and manganese, iron, cobalt, nickel and aluminum, phosphorus and sodium noted. It is anti-cancer and anti-aging due to its antioxidant properties.

Fiber in red beans:


The fiber in red beans is soft, and makes you feel full for a long time and provides gradual energy for a long time. The complex carbohydrates of red beans contribute to rapid satiety, so this product is recommended for obesity. Beans can lower blood sugar due to their high fiber content – they prevent the accumulation of fat in the liver.

The effect of red beans on the heart and arteries


The use of red beans has a beneficial effect on the activity of the cardiovascular and nervous systems of the body, strengthens the immune system, is a preventative against malignant neoplasms. Beans are involved in hematopoietic processes, helping to increase hemoglobin levels and lower blood cholesterol. It can be said that it is very useful for treating heart diseases and is very important for ensuring heart health.

Kyrgyz beans are one of the best in the world in terms of characteristics. Peeled dried beans are one of the best and largest sources of protein for the human body.

Other benefits of red beans include:

Red bean is a complete and nutritious substance – it is high in folic acid – consumption of beans strengthens memory and prevents forgetfulness and forgetfulness in aging – red bean is energetic and also detoxifies the body – this plant is valuable It can regulate blood pressure well – strengthens the immune system – prevents osteoporosis – is good for eyesight because of the B vitamins it contains and prevents diseases such as cataracts – it is very important for the skin.

Bean seeds are planted in Kyrgyzstan from mid-May to early June, when the weather is constantly sunny and the soil is warm enough. When planting beans, special importance is given to irrigation, soil loosening, weeding and fertilizing. The growing season of beans in Kyrgyzstan is from 70 to 120 days.

Packaging of prepared products is done: in polypropylene bags weighing 25 kg or 50 kg.

The most popular type of modern packaging for cereals in all countries is polypropylene bags: durable, comfortable, inexpensive, resistant to moisture and low temperatures, and easily withstands considerable weight. They are ideal for storing and transporting beans.

In fact, imported red beans in Iran can be divided into two categories:

Kyrgyz red beans

Ethiopian red beans

Kyrgyz red beans are larger and lighter in color than Ethiopian red beans.

Hence its price is also higher. But Ethiopian beans are smaller and cheaper.

Iranian red beans are also divided into two categories, mud red and capsule red.

Red flower beans have a higher quality and are offered in the market at a more expensive price.

Kyrgyz red beans are of high quality and naturally have a higher price. These beans are hand-picked and are completely one-handed and clean.

There are generally two samples of Kyrgyz red beans on the market:

Polished red beans

Unpolished red beans

The first example is a sample that has not been polished and has taken some dust on the grains. If you decide to use this bean for packaging, this sample may not be suitable unless you have the equipment associated with it and can polish it.

The second example is polished red beans, which cost a bit more. But the quality of the grains and the glaze is better.

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