Iranian pistachio export steps

Iranian pistachio export steps: The Iranian pistachio export is profitable but has its own challenges. To get familiar with it, the important steps of exporting pistachio are mentioned below.

Do market research


What kind of pistachios are most welcomed in the country where you want to sell pistachios for export? How much is their pistachio consumption annually? Do they eat pistachios only raw or do they also use slices and powder? There are these and many other questions that can guide you in the proper direction of Iranian pistachio exports. Fortunately, Iranian pistachios are in demand in many countries, and there is no problem with the target market, it just needs to be identified in order to have a targeted and successful trade.

Find a suitable supplier


As a trader, you need a supplier who can sell the best pistachios for export at a reasonable price. You should be very careful in buying bulk export pistachios because pistachios are suitable for export that meet international standards for export (the amount of aflatoxin should not exceed the allowable limit, otherwise all pistachio loads will be returned). Try to find one or more successful suppliers who produce quality pistachios and always buy pistachios for export from them as this will build mutual trust in the long run (if you are one of the producers You are a pistachio, your costs will be significantly reduced).

Build a brand


It does not matter if you send the exported pistachios in bulk packages or in small packages for the consumer, in both cases, your brand must be included on the package. Your brand is what your customer knows about it. Be careful before choosing a brand name, be sure to research the meaning of the brand name in the destination countries because sometimes the brand name in the destination country does not have a good meaning.

Suitable packaging

Put exported pistachios in suitable packages. If you send pistachios in bulk, you do not need to pay for it to be beautiful, but if pistachios are sent to the consumer in small packages, it is better to pay for its packaging and send it in a beautiful package. On the package, enter information such as production date, suitable place for storage, expiration date, producer name, company brand, city and country of production, and pistachio specifications. Entering this information may seem trivial to you, but it builds the buyer’s trust.

Deliver the goods to the buyer

In the export of Iranian pistachios, there are different types of delivery of goods to the buyer in commercial incoterms, which according to the agreed delivery method, you must deliver the goods to the customer. Different types of delivery to the buyer determine where your obligations as a seller end. Of course, this means that the health of the exported pistachio has been confirmed by the buyer at the place of delivery, and after that, there is no longer any claim that the exported pistachio is defective.

A note about the export of Iranian pistachios

It does not matter to which country you export pistachios, you as a trader are obliged to obtain all the necessary standards to sell pistachios for export to other countries. Before packing pistachios in special packages, send them to the laboratory and get the necessary health permits because these permits are required for customs clearance.

What you need to know about pistachio export tariffs!


What is the export tariff for pistachios? Are Pistachio Export Tariffs Different from Other Products? Since pistachio is one of the most important export products, knowing the export tariff of pistachio is a requirement for every pistachio trader. But what are the tariffs for pistachios for export? Tariffs for pistachio exports are set by the government of both countries for traders and increase the quality of exported pistachios.

Tariffs on pistachio exports are set by the importing country so that domestic producers are not harmed. When the name of exported pistachio is mentioned, it means the amount of pistachio that is more than the consumption of domestic consumers. In answer to the second question, it should be said that the tariff of each commodity will be different from other commodities depending on the sensitivity and conditions that exist for its export. Exported pistachios have special tariffs due to being in the food category.

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