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Iranian Fruit Export

Iranian Fruit Export – One of the most popular businesses in Iran is fruit exports. We all know that Iran, due to the excellent weather conditions in the four seasons, has favorable conditions for growing various fruits in its soil, and this is a very good advantage. The excellent quality of Iranian fruits is not hidden from anyone and has its own fans in common and non-common borders. The good profit from fruit exports has caused many traders to invest in this field. Of course, these investments are very correct and the desired result has been achieved. Apples, pomegranates, kiwis, sweet lemons, sour lemons, oranges, apricots, cherries, black cherries, peaches, nectarines, plums, grapes, persimmons, quince, pears and… are the top fruits of Iran’s fruit exports to European and non-European countries.

Fruit Export Advantages

There are many advantages in fruit export and one of the most important advantages is the discussion of currency import and development of the country’s economy. Along with this issue, there is the promotion of the Iranian product at the international level and its recognition and efforts to produce higher quality products. Of course, in addition to production, the issue of job creation is easily raised and hundreds of young people can afford their lives.

Iranian Fruits and Vegetables Export Destinations

The three countries of Iraq, the UAE and Russia are at the top of the list of the first importers of fruit products from Iran, importing $ 921, $ 153 million and $ 130 million, respectively.

The Main Problems in The Export of Fruit and Vegetable

The main problems in the development of export of fruit and vegetable products are the problems related to foreign exchange commitment, lack of wealth, and insufficient familiarity with the basic methods of harvesting, collecting, packaging, transportation, and storage, which cause the product to be spoiled and perishable. Also, problems of customs and air freight costs, lack of adequate logistics facilities, lack of proper knowledge of target markets and tastes of consumption patterns and sending the product in bulk, and lack of proper packaging required by target countries are other problems in developing fruit and vegetable exports.

One of the most important issues to be observed in the export of fruits is the discussion of the standards of the country of origin and the country of destination in import and export. Without observing the export and import laws of each country, the right conditions for export and import of goods and products are not provided.

Supply of Fruits and Vegetables

The most important factor in fruit and vegetable exports is quality. The freshness and quality of the exported fruits must be such that they are not damaged during packaging and transportation. Fortunately, our country is in an acceptable position in the field of fruit and vegetable exports. Of course, there is tough competition in this area, which is natural.

Kian Karaman Aria trading company with brilliant experience in the export of Iranian fruits and vegetables has gained a great position in this field. We can provide the best quality fruit and vegetables at a competitive price for our reputable customers.

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