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Iran the Largest Exporter of Pistachios

Iran the Largest Exporter of Pistachios – Iran is the largest exporter of pistachio kernels in the world. On average, it accounts for 60 to 70 percent of the world’s total pistachio kernel exports.

Pistachio is the most famous and well-known Iranian nut in the world. Pistachio is the most important export product of Iran after petroleum products. Pistachios produced in Iran, in addition to good taste, have a great variety that has made them famous. Pistachios are exported by traders and trading companies raw or processed to various European countries, Arab countries, and Asian countries.

Iranian Pistachio Export Volume

The head of the Nuts and Dried Fruits Union said: out of 220,000 tons of pistachios produced, about 55,000 tons are consumed domestically and the rest must be exported.

Pointing out that 220,000 tons of pistachios have been produced this year, he said: “We had a good year in terms of crop production, which made us not have a shortage of pistachios in the country.”

Export of Iranian Pistachios and Its Stages

Pistachio is a valuable product for export that has its own customers in European, American, and Asian countries. Pistachio export to Europe, pistachio export to Turkey, pistachio export to Georgia, pistachio export to Iraq, pistachio export to China, pistachio export to Qatar, pistachio export to UAE, pistachio export to Russia, are among the most important destinations in the export of Iranian pistachios.

Pistachio Export Steps:

Product Supply

Before starting the export activity of Iranian pistachios, several studies must be done by traders.

Accurate information about customers in destination countries, the type of pistachio desired by these customers, customs conditions of importing countries, and also food and health standards of the importing country should be obtained in order to export the best pistachios of Iran.

For example, some European countries issue import licenses only for pistachios with low aflatoxin.

Pistachio Packaging

After completing the product supply stage, it is time to package it. In the packaging and export of Iranian pistachios, items such as the type of pistachio and its production specifications, producer company, exporter company, importer company and such items should be included so that buyers can buy Iranian pistachios with full information. The high quality of exported pistachios and the type of packaging is very important because it will gain more customers and increase the brand reputation of the manufacturer and exporter.

Obtaining Standard Documents for Iranian Pistachios

Necessary standards must be obtained in the export of Iranian pistachios before the product enters the customs process. In addition to being approved by the Standards Office, these standards must also obtain all the required approvals for the import of nuts in the destination countries. In particular, in European countries, products exported to these countries need to obtain all valid tests and certificates in terms of health and food safety, or in some special cases, approvals from the Food and Drug Administration of the destination countries. All these steps must be done before the goods are declared to the customs office. It should be noted that performing laboratory steps and obtaining approval regarding the amount of aflatoxin in exported pistachios is somewhat time consuming.

Presenting Pistachios to Customs

After completing the above steps, the export products must be submitted to the customs of the cities where the product is produced and the relevant documents such as product type declarations, product weight, product specifications and product invoice must be completed.

Obtaining A Pistachio Health Certificate at Customs

In the country’s customs, the standard office has required companies exporting dried fruits, especially in the stages of exporting Iranian pistachios, to comply with the standards, obtain and submit a standard approval certificate. If the products are in bulk and without a brand, or the product of the export company was not registered or the necessary standards have not been obtained, the customs office will take samples of the export products and obtain laboratory tests, and If approved, a plant health and food hygiene certificate will be issued, and after completing this stage, a customs clearance certificate will be issued.

Delivery of Exported Pistachios to The Transport Company

After completing the documents and completing the customs steps, the desired bill of lading regarding the export of Iranian pistachios must be prepared. At this stage, the exporting companies sign a contract with the transport companies and inform them of the step-by-step steps of doing the work, and the transport companies announce the steps of doing the work to the customers.

Before loading Iranian pistachios in high volumes, the transportation company should inspect the container, wagon or truck trailer to be as clean and disinfected as possible.

Note that in the export of Iranian pistachios, there is no need for refrigerated containers, but in the case of other dried fruit products, the necessary coordination must be done with the exporter.

Receiving the Bill of Lading and Settlement

In the export of Iranian pistachios, it is customary to receive a percentage of the transaction amount by the seller at the same time as presenting the draft bill of lading (cargo specifications, specifications of the destination country, and consignee), which indicates the delivery of the cargo to an international freight forwarder.

In the most common method, twenty percent of the amount is paid in advance and the remaining eighty percent is paid by presenting the same bill of lading image.

After loading, the shipping companies must provide the customer with the original bill of lading along with other necessary documents for the clearance of Iranian export pistachios.

Receiving the Rest of the Documents and Certificates of Origin of Pistachio Exports

By receiving other customs documents and confirmation of the bill of lading from the customs and the seller, the transportation company can obtain a certificate of origin for Iranian pistachios for export from the Chamber of Commerce. In this case, the documents are completed and ready to be sent to the destination country and cleared.

Kian Karaman Aria Company is one of the largest companies exporting raw pistachios to European and Arab countries and always expands its activities in the world and has access to various foreign markets.

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