Import of Pulses to Iran

Import of Pulses to Iran – Exports and imports of pulses are among the exchanges of dried goods and one of the sources of income for countries. Export and import of these nutritious grains are common in all countries of the world. Some countries rank better in exports and imports. Some pulses importers have experienced positive growth and others negative growth. Iran is known as one of the largest countries in pulses imports.

Consumption of pulses

One of the reasons consumers tend to buy bulk pulses is that they are the best source of protein due to rising meat and poultry prices. Lentils, beans and chickpeas are the most widely consumed pulses in the domestic market. Various dishes are prepared with pulses and many of them are also on the menu of restaurants.

Pulses imports from Russia

Russia is one of the importing countries. Pulses imported from Russia include beans and lentils, chickpeas, split chickpeas and mung beans, which are used in all Iranian dishes and local dishes of different regions.

Imports of pulses from Russia also generate significant revenue for domestic trading companies. According to traders, the price of these pulses is affordable and is an ideal option for buying and selling bulk pulses.

Pulses are imported from Russia, both in packages and in bulk. Pulses imported from Russia to Iran have found their place in the country’s market. These trades have largely eliminated market intermediaries so prices are balanced.

The main reason that justifies the import of pulses from Russia or other countries to Iran is the shortage of domestic markets. Given that large quantities of Iranian pulses are exported to other countries; imports can compensate for this shortage. Both export and import transactions are very profitable.

Wholesale, export, and import of pulses

The bulk purchase and sale of pulses are done in two ways: bulk or packaging. If the purpose is to export or import pulses, the packaging must be stylish, hygienic, and standard. For the export and import process, food information, health, and hygiene, along with the certificate of the Food and Drug Administration of the country of production. must be written on the packaging.

In bulk order registration, the bulk of the export and import of pulses is usually done in the form of standard bags with a certain weight. In bulk shipping or packaging, what matters is the quality of the products.

In order to guarantee the quality of the products, the companies that produce different types of pulses send the prepared pulses to sorting machines to be prepared in stylish and standard packages. The sorting machine helps to remove substandard grains or other gravel or particles from the grains.

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