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Kian Karaman Aria Company

Kian Karaman Aria Corporation was established in 2010 with the participation of specialized and experienced Iranian managers.

Relying on the expertise of the founding managers, this company first took golden steps in the field of exporting Iranian carpets as well as exporting and importing petrochemical materials.

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Kyrgyz red beans

Red bean is an annual climbing plant with beautiful flowers, long fleshy pods and large bright red fruits. The crescent

Sugar and its varieties

To produce sugar, first the cultivated beet or sugarcane is harvested, transported to the factory and then weighed into the production line

Types of Vietnamese rice

Rice is divided into three types based on grain size: long, medium and short, whose texture varies from fluffy to creamy and sticky

Kinds of Iranian saffron

The saffron plant (Crocus stativus) does not grow everywhere. Iranian saffron has the best quality in the world, because the Iranian climate is its natural location