Among us Iranians, hand-woven carpets are a symbol of culture, authenticity and art, and they have a special place all over the world, and most of the world knows Iran by its hand-woven carpets.

It is very high quality. The beauty of the handwoven carpet is so great that it is also used for carpets and wall decorations.

And we congratulate you for choosing a hand-woven carpet for purchase.

Because you have valued your carpet and invested it in the right place. Because with the passage of time, not only will your carpet not get old, but because of its many steps, it will become more mature and settle the natural colors used in the carpet.

And your rug will have a significant shine and shine day by day. As a result, the more time it is woven, the more its price will increase. Also, if you look at carpet museums around the world, you will realize that the pricing on old carpets The work is quite difficult and those carpets are worth gold.

So, if you are looking to invest in a precious product, I suggest you to buy a hand-woven carpet, and of course, not every hand-woven carpet is suitable for investment! Because one of the reasons for investing in hand-woven carpets should be mentioned high-quality materials.

Apart from the mentioned cases, by buying hand-woven carpets, you will greatly help the animal husbandry industry and the hardworking people of the villages of our land. Because natural fibers are used in the weaving of such carpets, as a result, we need sheep’s wool for spinning.

In addition to helping the hardworking livestock breeders, you will also help the dear weavers of our land who are interested in carpet weaving and earn their family’s livelihood in this way.

One of the other advantages of buying a hand-woven carpet is the presence of a human spirit in this product. If we want to talk about this issue, we have to write lines for you. But for now, we will suffice that the motifs of the handwoven carpet are related to the soul of the designer, and the designer only writes what he was inspired by from the higher world on paper. and each and every knot tied by the hands of the hardworking weavers has something to say and represents the weaver’s state of mind, and even by looking at the text of the carpet, you can understand what days the weaver spends with interest. Mandi and spent bored and vice versa. And this energy in the piles and patterns of the carpet will come to your home and that carpet will talk to you.

One of the inherent properties of natural fibers is that they cool you down in the summer and warm in the winter and do not cause any sensitivity, including asthma and allergies.

In the dyeing of hand-woven carpets, natural colors such as sprig plant, henna, walnut shell, etc. are used. The smell of fresh green walnut shells and its henna color also remind the hands of the grandmother’s henna. And such colors are artistically placed together and draw life.

And don’t be the last to worry about cleaning and repairing your carpet, any defects and faults found in your carpet can be repaired, you just have to be careful to leave it in the hands of a professional and expert carpet repairer so that you have a guaranteed texture and a new life to the carpet in your life. give.

Arnica Carpet, as its name means, aims to introduce and offer the beautiful Aryan lifestyle, good manners and good speech to the world in the form of hand-woven carpets, so that they too can join in the positive flow of the Aryan carpet life. The photo of the folded carpet and a vase next to it