About Kian Karaman Aria Company

Kian Karaman Aria Corporation with registration number 11284 was established in 2010 with the participation of specialized and experienced Iranian managers. Relying on the expertise of the founding managers, this company first took golden steps in the field of exporting Iranian carpets as well as exporting and importing petrochemical materials. After a short time, during the scientific and practical identification of the domestic and foreign markets and relying on continuous research and development processes with the aim of supplying and distributing various and basic goods of the Iranian families, including pulses, grains, nuts and dried fruits, and livestock products entered this market, the market for products that are appropriate and needed by all segments of society.

By honesty in services and utilizing experienced business experts on one hand and high reliability and customer satisfaction, on the other hand, the company had rapid growth in this field. This rapid growth, along with the high variety and quality of products, wide distribution system, and the ability to supply goods to domestic and foreign markets, is promising that in the near future, with the help of God, the company will have a special place in supplying and distributing basic Iranian household goods. Obtaining certificates of appreciation and a statue of the top exporter in 2019 and membership in the Iranian Pulses Association is proof of this claim.

Kian Karaman Aria Corporation intends to take a big step towards supporting the domestic production, entrepreneurship, and economic growth of our great country, Iran, by providing all necessary and unique services in business affairs,export of Persian premium products, and also by benefiting from participatory management and Iranian young and committed manpower, along with special attention to the e-commerce environment.