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Exporting Fruits to Russia

Exporting Fruits to Russia

Fruit Export Process – The process of fruit export is very sensitive and systematic, people who work in this field should be aware of the rules of fruit export. The most important fruit export laws include the following:

– Knowledge and familiarity of markets where you can easily send your desired product

– Full knowledge of the company to which the exported products are to be delivered

– Payment of relevant tariffs for fruit exports

– Referring to one of the clearance companies

– Concluding the necessary contracts

– Observing the necessary standards for packaging and storage of exportable products

– Obtaining and receiving approval from the Ministry of Health

– Obtaining a customs clearance permit

– Avoiding prolonging the sending time

– Coordination with the logistics unit

– Doing market research

– Calculating fruit export costs

– Doing very professional and purposeful advertising

– Choosing one of the most effective ways to transfer and move fruit

Export Fruit Sellers

The exporters of fruit are the ordinary gardeners who produce the fruit. But these ordinary gardeners can not send their products in the form of exports to all different countries of the world because the volume of production of one large garden or several large gardens does not provide the capacity to demand global activity. This is where the important role of export companies comes into play. Kian Karaman Aria trading company, by collecting the products of several thousand gardens and collecting them in one place, packaging, etc., make them ready to sell and send to the applicant countries.

So these ordinary gardeners, along with the expertise and experience of exporting companies, constitute export fruit sellers. Export fruit sellers, if they want their activities to be fruitful and achieve the approved currency, must have mastered principles such as the horticultural industry and fruit production and familiarity with the fruit market in the region or outside the region. Fruit quality, fruit cost, fruit loadability, fruit durability in transportation, destination country, the purchase price of these buyers, fruit consumption in these countries, the demand of the people of these countries, etc. have a huge impact on the success of an export fruit seller.

Export of Fruits and Vegetables to Russia

Due to the extremely cold climate, Russia does not have the necessary conditions for growing, producing and harvesting fruits and vegetables. For this reason, all the needs of this country, like many successful countries in the world, are met through imports. Russia is one of the most important export hubs for Iran. Of course, in addition to fruits and vegetables, there are also exports of goods and other products on the list of exports of fruits to Russia.

Problems of Exporting Fruits and Vegetables to Russia

Infrastructure problems such as air, land and sea transportation, banking services, letter of credit and the vacuum of tariff agreements between the two governments, as well as the lack of coherence between businesses and related organizations in order to have a strong presence in the Russian market are weaknesses.

Another obstacle in the business environment in the country is the instability of effective laws and regulations, especially exchange rate instability, which has prevented a company from developing a short-term strategic plan for its economic activities or concluding a short-term contract with a foreign party.

Supply of Fruits and Vegetables

Kian Karaman Aria trading company with brilliant experience in the export of Iranian fruits and vegetables has gained a great position in this field. We can provide the best quality fruit and vegetables at a competitive price for our reputable customers.

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