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Export of Tomato Paste

Export of Tomato Paste

Iran, the producer of tomatoes in all seasons

Due to its diversity of climate, Iran has always been among the top 10 tomato-producing countries in the world. Tomatoes are grown almost all year round in different parts of the country, and this is thanks to the fact that Iran has 4 seasons. For example, in hot seasons, cold regions such as Khorasan, Zanjan, and Golestan, and in cold seasons, tropical regions such as Fars and Bushehr produce tomatoes.

Export of Iranian quality tomato paste

Tomato paste, as one of the products produced by processing tomatoes, both as a seasoning added to home-cooked food, and as an additive in many food products, has a very high demand everywhere in the world.

Exports of Iranian tomato paste continue to show an upward trend due to the increase in demand, especially in Iran’s neighboring countries, and for this reason, in recent years, more producers in Iran have turned to tomato paste exports.

Tomato paste is known in world customs with the tariff code (HS Code) number 20029010

The key indicator in the export of tomato paste

Although the export of tomato paste can provide a good opportunity for tomato paste producers, the important point that all exporters of tomato paste should pay special attention to is the BRICS index of the tomato paste for the target country. The higher the Brix index in tomato paste, the thicker the resulting tomato paste, and the higher the amount of tomato needed to prepare it, for example, to prepare a ton of tomato paste with Brix 20 approximately 4 Tons of tomatoes are needed, while preparing the same amount of tomato paste with Brix 38 will require approximately 7 tons of tomatoes. Therefore, paying attention to the standard brix of tomato paste in the importing tomato paste country is the most important point that exporters should pay attention to.

For example, the standard brix for exporting tomato paste to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Russia is:

The approved standard brix for exporting tomato paste to Afghanistan is 10.

The approved standard brix for exporting tomato paste to Iraq is between 18 and 20.

The approved standard brix for exporting tomato paste to Russia is between 32 and 38.

Tomato paste importers and exporters

Iran’s neighboring countries, especially Iraq and Afghanistan, are the largest importers of tomato paste from Iran due to their cultural affinity with Iran. The countries targeted for the export of Iranian tomato paste, i.e. the countries to which the most Iranian tomato paste is exported, include 7 countries: Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, UAE, Syria, Tajikistan, and Kazakhstan.

The statistics related to the export of Iranian tomato paste in 2018 to three countries: Iraq, Afghanistan, and Russia are as follows:

Tomato paste exports to Iraq: about $ 105 million

Tomato paste exports to Afghanistan: about $ 57 million

Tomato paste exports to Russia: about $ 14 million

Italy, China, the United States and Spain have the most exports of tomato paste in the world, and Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan and France are the largest importers of tomato paste in the world.

Tomato paste price

The amount of tomato paste export and its price is determined according to the following parameters.

Price of tomato paste in Iran

Customs fee

Expression fee


Purchase volume

The tomato paste brix requested from the target country

Where to buy premium tomato paste

The main supply and export of tomato paste is done by Kian Karaman Aria Trading Company with a brilliant history in foreign trade. Kian Karaman Aria Company is one of the largest suppliers of goods in the field of trade of domestic and foreign grains and pulses, dried fruits and nuts, dairy products, spices, and saffron. One of the most important goals of the management of this complex is the direct supply of tomato paste according to the World Health Standard and the Food and Drug Administration with the qualities desired by consumers and offering competitive prices to esteemed customers.

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