Export of Persian Handmade Carpets

Export of Persian Handmade Carpets

Export of Iranian hand-made carpets in recent years


Iranian hand-made carpets, which have had a good position in non-oil exports over the past decades and many fans in the United State UAE, China, etc., have unfortunately been affected by the US withdrawal from Barjam, as well as problems caused by sanctions and the spread of Corona and in the early months of 2020, have set a record for the lowest exports in 40 years.

Where are the export destinations of Iranian carpets?


The United States has been one of the main destinations for Iranian carpets in the past decades, but after the country withdrew from Barjam and returned sanctions, we can say 25% of the market is lost. Other countries such as Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, Lebanon, and sometimes the United Kingdom are other destinations for handmade carpets, in which we had the largest export of carpets in the early months of 2020.

What are the minimum and maximum prices per meter of handmade carpet?


In response to the question of whether the domestic market has the potential to buy handmade carpets or not due to the current economic situation and the possibility of export, we can mention that handmade carpets and hand-woven carpets are of different types. The minimum price per square meter of handmade carpets is 700 to 800 thousand Tomans, possessing a great variety in the design of carpets that can cover any taste and with any budget in the country, while it is always considered that handmade carpets are very expensive and we cannot have handmade carpets.

The price of exquisite carpets and silk is much higher than this figure, which can be referred to as 40 to 60 million Tomans per meter.

Handmade carpet, a cultural and diplomatic commodity

Carpet is not a mere economic commodity because it is a work of art and culture that, in addition to having a wide range of economic dimensions, can also help us in the cultural and diplomatic fields. Therefore, it should not be measured by export numbers, but it has other aspects that are important for the country.

Persian carpet as a full-fledged mirror of Iranian culture, originality, and art is one of the most popular carpets in the world and has a high reputation and popularity. Kian Karaman Aria corporation has been active in the field of exporting Iranian carpets for more than ten years and now is known as one of the most reputable companies exporting Iranian hand-made and machine-made rugs around the world.

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