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Export of Persian carpets to Germany

Export of Persian carpets to Germany

Features of Iranian carpets for export

The reason why Iranian carpets have become so popular and have been noticed all over the world is that Iranian carpets have the most variety among carpets produced in other countries of the world. Variety of designs and colors, variety of quality, despite being made of high-quality raw materials, unique art and elegance that depicts the design and painting in the most special possible way, attractive and eye-catching colors that the viewer Encloses and hundreds of other special features have made Iranian carpets popular. Among the countries that import carpets, Arab countries are one of the many countries that have many customers and are engaged in importing Iranian carpets.

What countries are the importers of Iranian carpets?

According to the latest customs data, the highest growth in exports of Iranian hand-woven carpets in terms of value was allocated to Pakistan, Turkmenistan and Denmark, while the highest growth in exports in terms of weight belonged to Pakistan. Afghanistan and Denmark, meanwhile, are next in line.

The UAE, with imports of more than $ 60 million worth of handmade carpets from Iran, has experienced a growth of 40% compared to last year and is among the top importers of handmade carpets from Iran. Meanwhile, Germany is next with a difference of ten million dollars with the UAE and the import of 50 million dollars’ worth of handmade carpets.

The taste of the German people in choosing carpets

The German people are very interested in Iranian carpets and there are several exhibitions in the field of handmade carpets in this country. They care about the carpet and its quality is important to them. The light colors in the carpet are very attractive to them. They usually go for smaller carpet dimensions such as 6 meter carpets. Paying attention to the art, culture and originality of Iranian carpets is one of their characteristics in buying carpets.

In the north of Germany, because they do not use carpet washing services much and the carpets are washed late, darker and dirtier colors are preferred, while in the south of Germany, lighter colors are preferred. The three reference colors are red, cream and camel.

In this country, geometric and Bukhara designs are popular among cheap carpets and floral designs among expensive carpets. Among Iranian carpets, all designs, especially the so-called designs of Kashan, Kerman, Tabriz, and among geometric designs carpets of Shiraz and Hamedan are preferred. In terms of the type of texture, all types of carpet texture are popular in Germany.

Knowing the different tastes of people in the world helps us to produce carpets in the field of machine-made carpets that have a significant impact on the market of machine-made carpets. Another important point in the production of machine-made carpets in the global market is the use of carpets. Due to the fact that in some countries people walk around the house with their shoes on the carpet, they prefer the price of the carpets to be appropriate so that they can be replaced at shorter intervals which is not usually the case in Asian countries such as Turkey, India and Iran itself.

Where to buy Persian carpets

Carpet is not just a commodity for Iranians; It is an identity and a civilization; In other words, by exporting carpets, in addition to currency, Persian civilizations can also be exported.

The main supply and export of Persian handmade and machine-made carpets is done by Kian Karaman Aria Trading Company. We are ready to provide export marketing services to reputable producers and traders in the field of Persian handmade carpet exports, and by having our commercial offices in different countries and benefiting from local experts based in China, UAE and other countries, we will be your bridge of communication with foreign buyers.

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