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Export of Mazafati Dates

  Exports of Mazafati dates

Exports of Mazafati dates  about half of Iran’s date production is Mazafati dates. High production rate, production advantaged and unique figure of Mazafati dates export has made it one of the date cultivars with the highest statistics of Iranian date exports and the export of Rotab Mazafati is very prosperous.

The palm is a tropical plant whose fruit is edible and has a hard stone, thin skin and sweet taste that hangs in the form of large clusters from the branches and leaves are large. The height of the palm reaches 10 to 20 meters or more.

The date species is widespread in the northern hemisphere and in Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and other Arab countries bordering the Persian Gulf, as well as most of North Africa and the United States and in the southern hemisphere are also seen scattered.

Rotab is the pre-ripening stage of dates that has more moisture and less sugar than fully ripe dates. Mazafati Date is one of the most delicious and hearty types of dates in the world, and this date, which is mostly used as a Rotab, has enough and desirable meat, attractive black color, and relatively high humidity between 15% and 35% depending on the time of harvest from the tree and the place of planting.

Important date pests include date fruit worms and date rhino. The best and most delicious type of Mazafati dates is grown in Bam city located in southeastern Iran. The area under cultivation of this date in Bam city and its suburbs is about 28,000 hectares and about 120,000 tons are harvested annually from this amount. Other planting areas in Iran are Jiroft and Kahnooj in Kerman province, and Saravan and Iranshahr in Sistan and Baluchestan province.

The Shape and Appearance of Mazafati Rotab

No one is unaware of the properties of this black gold. Excellent black color, large size, thin and shiny skin, and enough meat has made Mazafati Rotab one of the most popular types of Rotab in Iran and the world.

Depending on the cultivated area, the humidity of this Rotab varies, but it has about 15 to 30% humidity, which distinguishes it from the category of nuts and dried fruits. The size of the Mazafati Rotab is about 5 cm, which is large in size. The warm temperament of Mazafati Rotab is an excellent option for treating people with a cold temper.

It should be noted that Mazafati Rotab, unlike other types of dates, such as Kabkabs, is free of any juice. Among all these features, what makes it so popular is its good sugar content and sweet taste that will satisfy any taste.

Properties of Mazafati Rotab

Mazafati Rotab seems to be a complete package of useful and unique properties for the health and vitality of body and soul. The following is a summary of some of its unique benefits. Bam is a rich source of vitamins A, B, C and E and also contains minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, iron, iodine and magnesium; each of them plays a major role in the health of the human body for blood formation and vitality, strengthening the eyes and rejuvenating the skin.

Research has shown that eating this Rotab in its fresh or semi-fresh form alone or with dairy products such as milk is very useful to reduce fatigue and restore energy after strenuous activity.

Other studies have shown the effect of Mazafati Rotab in reducing anger, increasing relaxation, and strengthening memory. Other properties of this product include improving the hearing system, vision, reducing back pain, and its anti-cancer properties, which is unique in its kind.

Mazafati Rotab position in global markets

Iran’s Rotab industry is a lucrative and growing industry, which fortunately, over time, Iran has been able to gain a favorable position in competition with other countries.

According to the latest FAO global statistics, Iran is the second-largest producer of Rotab in the world after Egypt, which indicates an extraordinary opportunity for Iran to have a strong presence in the global market for Mazafati Rotab exports. Iran annually produces more than 242 thousand tons of Mazafati Rotab, which due to its high quality, a major share of the production of this date is allocated for export to different countries.

Due to its high quality and good taste, as well as the need for special geographical conditions for cultivation, Iran is still considered as one of the main gateways for the export of dates to four continents which fortunately, over the years, Mazafati Rotab exports have been growing at a high rate.

Many countries have a great desire to increase the import of this product to their region due to its high quality, unique nutritional value and delicious taste. India, Greece, Norway, Colombia, Kenya, Lebanon, and the Netherlands are among the destination countries for Mazafati Rotab exports.

Kian Karaman Aria trading company as one of the major exporters of Mazafati Rotab, is interacting with the destination countries and exporting this exceptional and unique product with beautiful, first-class, and decorated packaging of an Iranian product.

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