Export of Iranian High-Quality Apple

Export of Iranian High-Quality Apple – Apple exports and apple production in Iran have grown very well in the past year. Statistics and results obtained from apple export and production studies confirm this positive growth. Various cities in Iran are active in the field of apple production and prepare the best apple trees for export. There are important points in apple exports that, if observed, the export volume can be increased more than twice as much as last year. Finding the right market for exports is one of them.

kinds of apples

Apples are found all over the world in two main types, wild and small, grown and large. In our country, Iran, the wild type of apple tree is found mainly in the northern forests of the country. This fruit also has two types of sour and sweet in terms of taste, but the apple fruit is generally sweet and fleshy.

The main and important properties of apples

In general, apple fruit is rich in a variety of vitamins A, B, C and potassium, which are known to be useful in treating or preventing many diseases and pains. It is even mentioned in many cultures that if you eat an apple a day you will get away from the doctor . Some of the main properties of apples are as follows:
Maintaining the freshness of the skin of the face and body and prevent the skin from drying out
Regulating blood pressure as well as lowering high blood pressure
Prevention of gout and joint pain

Apple export situation in Iran

Apple fruit is produced in different types in Iran and is usually sorted into the country’s market. At the same time, first-class and high-quality products are recognized correctly and accurately. The main and most important regions of Iran where apples are produced in a completely professional way and with the highest quality are:

Urmia – Oshnoyeh – Semirom – Isfahan – Yazd
Cultivation and harvesting of this popular tree product in each of these regions of Iran is done according to the best necessary standards, and therefore you can see the harvest of products with very high quality. For this reason, the sale of this tree fruit in the domestic and foreign markets is done with the best export status of apple trees and with special conditions, and many people turn to them.


Important points in apple export that every business should know

The first and most important point for exporting apples is to observe all standards, licenses and follow the legal steps from the beginning to the end. From order registration to the settlement process to customs processes, shipment loading, sending and receiving various types of apples in the country of origin and destination, must be done according to its legal procedure. Iraq, Oman, the UAE, Russia, and some European countries are in demand to buy Iranian apples for export, so several thousand tons of apples are exported every year.

Packaging is very influential in apple exports. Consideration of appropriate packages with standard size in plastic boxes or durable cartons should be done according to the standards of the importing country. Apples are usually arranged in one, two or three rows to put less pressure on the consignment. On the other hand, the apple fruit itself should not be stained or damaged.

Like the export of other fruits and vegetables, there are problems with apple trees. Gardeners’ lack of attention to the exact season of fruit harvest reduces the quality of apples. Some gardeners pick the apples from the tree earlier and others later than they should. Some people also store apple fruits in each warehouse to export at the right time. All this causes harm; Because stored apples may be rotten or start to spoil from inside of the fruit.

Another challenge of apple tree exports is proper transportation methods. Rising shipping costs, customs regulations, bulk ordering or luxury packaging for fruits are things that companies rarely care about. With principled planning, the process of exporting fruits and vegetables from Iran can be managed well.

Export of apples to Pakistan

One of the most popular markets for apple exports from Iran is Pakistan. Iranian apples are very popular in the markets of neighboring countries. Pakistan does not have favorable conditions for growing fresh apples. With proper marketing and principled negotiation, the process of exporting apples to Pakistan in large volumes can be done. Exporting apples to Pakistan has its own principles and rules.
Pakistani traders are very sensitive to buying fresh fruits and vegetables from Iran and check the shipment to make sure the fruits are in good condition in terms of appearance and health.

Prices and shipping methods are important in exporting apples to Pakistan. The purchase price of export apples mainly from the farmer is cheaper for the seller. By calculating a small profit and determining the price of apples in the market, the price of export cargo to Pakistan can be determined.

The apple tree you choose to export to Pakistan should be the same size. The outer surface of the apple should not have any stains, bumps, or dents, and most importantly, no chemicals or contaminants should be used to grow the apples. The taste of apples is very important for Pakistani buyers. If you pick the fruits from the tree in the right season, you will have the best apples to export.

There is an important point in exporting apple trees to Pakistan and that is the method of land transportation. Containers selected to transport apples for export to Pakistan must be equipped with refrigerators for storing fruits and vegetables in order to regulate temperature conditions. Transportation from Iran to Pakistan does not take long. The situation of apple exports to Pakistan in recent years has been very positive and satisfactory. Reducing stricter rules in Iranian or Pakistani customs will help simplify the export process.

Export of apples to Iraq


The situation of apple exports to Iraq is also very satisfactory. Iraqi markets record high demand for fruits and vegetables from Iran each year. The best apples of Iran are produced in the cities of Semirom, Urmia, Maragheh, Miyaneh, and Damavand. The best apples for export from these cities are packaged and prepared for shipment to Iraq.

One of the most important ways to export apple trees to the Persian Gulf or Iraq is to transport apples directly from the apple orchard to the apple sorting and packaging plant. Yellow and red apple trees are prepared and packaged in the factory. Apple sorting helps to remove bad and damaged apples from the packing line. There is also the issue of pricing for apple exports to Iraq. Apples are usually priced per kilogram. Buying directly from the gardener affects the price and also causes less damage to the fruits.

Top exporters of fresh apples

China with $ 1037 million
United States with $ 986 million
Italy with $ 949 million
Chile with $ 710 million
France with $ 563 million
Top importers of fresh apples
Germany with $ 646 million
England with $ 448 million
Russia with $ 334 million
India with $ 297 million
Mexico with $ 280 million
The Kian Karaman Aria company, with the benefit of experienced experts, meets all the needs of a principled and profitable business in the field of fruit exports.



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