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Export of Iranian Fruits – Fruit export

Export of Iranian Fruits – Exporting Iranian fruit is one of the most popular businesses. Iran thanks to the benefit of its diverse climate and four seasons has the possibility of growing and exploiting a variety of fruits in its soil. Arab and even European countries are well aware of the high quality of Iranian fruit, which is why traders in the field of food items and food products are well aware that the export of Iranian fruit to many countries (For example, exports to Russia, Qatar, Oman, etc.) is very profitable.

Iran has a suitable platform for the production of various agricultural products, tree fruits (except tropical fruits), greenhouse fruits, etc.
Among the export fruits that have always been at the top of exports to Russia and other countries by observing proper export packaging, the following can be mentioned:

Apple, pomegranate, kiwi, sweet lemon, sour lemon, orange, apricot, cherry, black cherry, peach, nectarine, plum, grape, persimmon, quince, pear.

Advantages of exporting all kinds of fruits

Export of Iranian Fruits - Fruit export
The most important advantage that the export of various fruits has over its domestic sales is the import of foreign currency into the country. On the other hand, trying to produce a higher quality product, creating more jobs (from production to delivery of exported fruit in foreign countries), being raised at the international level are the other advantages of exporting fruits.

Technical criteria for fruit export

Observance of product safety standards both in the country of origin and in the country of destination is the most important point in fruit export and fruit packaging. If necessary, you must receive the standard nutrition certifications of the products and present it to the destination country.

1- Characteristics of export fruit (excellent, grade 1 and grade 2)
The flesh of the fruit is healthy and free of the effects of porosity, brown spots, dehydration (wrinkling) and floury.
Each type of fruit should be free of black spots, blisters, bruises, rust and cracks in the tail area (partially and completely repaired).
Minor defects of the fruit on its surface are allowed if it does not affect the quality of the product, the quality of storage and packaging of the fruit.
Only 3% of the product is allowed to have internal and external defects.

2- Export fruit packaging
Fruit packaging for each product should have suitable vents for air conditioning
The type of packaging of export products is determined in terms of the type of packaging, weight and size of the product based on the agreement with the customer.

3- Marking
The following signs and symbols must be affixed to the products:
Name of the kind of product and phrase of Iranian product
Name and logo of the manufacturer or exporter
Product brand

Fruit export profit

Export of Iranian Fruits - Fruit export

The profit margin of Iranian fruit exports largely depends on the destination country. Europe, neighboring countries, and Russia are the most important markets that welcome Iranian fruit. Exporting fruits to Russia and even Europe is very profitable if we properly observe several important factors in fruit exports.

These include the following:
• Production of premium quality fruit for export
• Safe transport of exported fruits from the time the crop is produced by gardeners to the factory for fruit packaging
• Choosing fruit packaging by observing the standards of export packages, paying attention to the tastes of the target market, maximum protection of the product
• Choosing the best ways to transport and transit fruit
Each of these, if done with careful planning and by an experienced company, can greatly increase the profits of exporting fruits to Russia and any other country.

Fruit export problems

The most important problem in exporting Iranian fruits to Russia and any other country is the lack of standard fruit packaging. Unfortunately, the era of bulk food exports has long passed and if food exporters want to supply fruits and other food products in bulk to other countries as before, there wouldn’t be any customers.

Observing standards and technical regulations for fruit exports to Dubai, Oman, Qatar, Russia, and other countries is vital. Failure to comply with these standards in fruit exports to the Persian Gulf countries is a major problem in the export of fruits.

Lack of market knowledge is another problem of exports. For example, if you want to know how to participate in the Russian fruit and vegetable market, you should know that Food City Moscow is the largest center for the supply and sale of food. Understanding the market is one of the most important challenges in exports. Careful examination of the target market includes identifying the main market in the destination country, its strengths and weaknesses, as well as estimating the best time to export.

The impact of transportation on successful fruit exports

Export of Iranian Fruits - Fruit export
Many aspects are considered in choosing the most suitable transportation program for the export of various fruits from the country of origin to the destination country.
Depending on the final destination, fruits sent to foreign markets need to be transported by road, rail, air, or sea.
The combination of each of these and the efficient use of equipment and modes of transport reduces the cost of transportation and logistics in exports.
The items that should be considered in the transportation of exported fruits are:

• Choosing the best land, sea, and air route for transportation
• Suitable temperature for storing fruit in containers while transporting the product, to maintain product freshness and heat protection
• Short time for loading and delivery of export cargo
The Kian Karaman Aria company, with the benefit of experienced experts, meets all the needs of a principled and profitable business in the field of fruit exports.

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