Corn; the king of agricultural products

Corn; the king of agricultural products : Corn has a high nutritional value, but it can be used in various applications. Corn, like potatoes, is high in starch, which in many countries is one of the main sources of whole grains, and is one of the main sources of starch in the diet, which provides most of the daily energy.

Corn, in addition to being a nutritious food for humans, can be a nutritious food for livestock and poultry. Of course, it goes without saying that corn is referred to as the king of agricultural products in many places. The fruit of this plant is called cob corn. This product is a cluster and a collection of corn kernels.

Types of corn


There are different types of corn, which are mentioned below:

Dent corn

Flint corn

Flour corn or Soft corn

Sweet corn


Pod corn

Waxy corn

Opaque-2 corn

Sweet corn

Sweet corn is one of the types of corn that is used only for human consumption. The seeds of this product are spherical in shape and shrink when ripe. At the end of the milking stage and the beginning of kneading, it is harvested and used raw. The grains of this type of corn have a moisture content of about 70% during harvest and most of this corn is produced in North America. The structure of sweet corn has a higher ratio of sugar to starch.

Frozen sweet corn IQF

In the culinary arts, the term IQF stands for “individually quick frozen.”. IQF foods are significant because each gain of the product is frozen separately from the rest. Quick freezing, or IQF, is one of the best and most effective ways to preserve food. Frozen IQF products are processed only a few hours after harvest to ensure maximum freshness. In frozen products, vitamins, minerals, fiber, as well as their taste and color are preserved. Another advantage of freezing products is that they are available frozen all year round.

Sweet corn is planted, grown, and then harvested twice a year. Most of the crop is harvested first in May and then again in September, which provides less harvest. The cobs of corn are harvested, de-husked and de-kernelled, and then washed, blanched, and dewatered. The corn kernels are then individually quickly frozen after harvest to preserve all the flavor and nutrients of the fresh crop.

Imported frozen sweet corn


Frozen imported sweet corn (IQF) is sold for factory use. Frozen sweet corn is included in row 07104000, which has 15% import duty and 9% VAT. To import frozen sweet corn, you need to obtain a permit from the Ministry of Health, Agriculture Jihad and Plant Quarantine.

Frozen Thai sweet corn, Indian corn, Chinese corn, Hungarian sweet corn, Spanish sweet corn and Iranian corn are available in the market.

Frozen Hungary corn

Hungary is one of the countries that are very skilled in growing corn, and its climate can help to grow the crop as well as possible. The best corn is planted in Hungary, which is exported to other countries in livestock and frozen form. Corn imported from Hungary is packaged and frozen, provided to the Iranian market.

Frozen Thai corn

Frozen Thai corn is one of the edible corns that have a significant consumption in the Iranian market. The operators and suppliers of this product often face difficulty in accessing the product, which can have various economic to political and health reasons. The best types of frozen corn are Thai samples produced by the most reputable factories.


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