Buying wholesale Iranian saffron

Buying wholesale Iranian saffron – Buying bulk saffro

When the buyer of saffron intends to buy a kilo of saffron because he has to pay a lot of money, he cannot easily trust.

How do we know if the saffron we bought is genuine or counterfeit? How do we know if we will receive a high-quality grade of saffron for the price we pay?

If you are familiar with different types of saffron, you know that each type of saffron has its own characteristics. Therefore, when buying saffron, the most important thing is to know the types of saffron so that you can compare different quality grades. For example, premium Sargol saffron has finer and strands than export Sargol saffron and its coloring power is less.

Wholesale purchase of bulk saffron for export


There should be no restriction in the supply of bulk saffron, that is, if the customer wants Pooshal saffron in kilograms in one season of the year and Sargol bulk saffron in another season, always different types of saffron should be available.In our company, different types of saffron with different quality grades are offered with a saffron analysis sheet and in unlimited quantities.

Customers who intend to buy export saffron are offered quality bulk saffron, and customers who intend to buy cheap saffron for home use, there are different types of saffron with second and third-grade quality.

What is the best bulk saffron?

There are different types of saffron and each has its own characteristics. If your criterion for choosing good saffron is to be all red; Pooshal Saffron will not be a part of it because it has whiteness.

If your criterion is the size and appearance of saffron, premium Sargol saffron will not be included due to the brokenness of some strands. Therefore, you must first determine your criteria for determining the quality of saffron.

What is important in buying bulk saffron is that the saffron is one-handed, meaning that all the volume of products you buy is the same in terms of quality and is not a mixture of several saffrons with different qualities.

How do we know that saffron is first class?


Here is a general rule to use to find out the quality of the saffron you bought.

Saffron that has the following criteria is considered first class:

Its color should be bright red (not dark)

Saffron stigmas are healthy and do not break into broken strands

In terms of thickness, the thicker and longer the stigmas, the better

Has high coloring power

Has the least amount of whiteness

The price of the best bulk saffron

The price of saffron is different in saffron sales companies. The reason for this price difference is the quality of saffron and the presence of intermediaries.

Currently, the price of each kilo of Sargol saffron is 9 million and 200 thousand Tomans and the price of each kilo of export Negin Saffron is 10 million and 800 thousand Tomans.

Buying wholesale Iranian saffron

Karaman Company, as a wholesale company of Iranian saffron for export, is able to sell saffron in bulk and deliver bulk orders in the shortest time. The main distribution of saffron takes place in Karaman and the Karaman team makes eveary effort to offer the highest quality saffron to the market and consumers.

The main distribution of saffron is our specialty and we have provided you with the highest quality and first grade and one hundred percent pure saffron with very accurate purchases and having expertise in the major distribution of saffron. We always use enough care in buying high-quality saffron.

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