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Types of rocks in terms of geology

  Geologically, rocks are divided into three categories: sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks. About 75% of the continental rocks are sedimentary rocks and their resulting metamorphic rocks, and about 25% are composed of igneous rocks and their resulting metamorphic rocks.

1. Igneous rocks

  Igneous rocks are rocks that are formed by the cooling of molten material inside the earth (magma) underground (inner igneous) or surface (outer igneous). These stones have a high hardness so that they line the glass. The resistances of igneous rocks are the same in all respects and are not affected by hydrochloric acid. Granite, syenite, and gabbro are all types of igneous rocks.

2. Sedimentary rocks

  Sedimentary rocks are formed by the deposition of water-soluble substances in seas, rivers, and springs that have gradually become sedimentary rocks. Sedimentary rocks are usually composed of both detrital and chemical parts. The detrital part consists of rubble, sand, gravel, and clay grains, and the chemical part contains calcite or gypsum, which causes the detrital particles to stick together. These rocks are weak in the direction of the formed veins but have the highest resistance along the perpendicular to their bed. Sandstones, clay stones, travertines, and some marbles are types of sedimentary rocks.

3. Metamorphic rocks

  Igneous or sedimentary rocks that have undergone changes in the shape and mineral composition of the rock or have recrystallized due to factors such as temperature and pressure, form metamorphic rocks. China stones, onyx, and some marble stones are the types of metamorphic stones used in construction.

Types of stones in terms of processing machinery

Stones are divided into hard and soft in terms of processing machines


1. Hard rocks

Hard stones are stones that do not cut easily and do not shine easily. Therefore, in processing this type of stones, special machines and devices must be used. Granite, gabbro, or syenite are some of these hard rocks.

2. Soft rocks

  The rest of the stones available in the market such as marble, travertine, onyx, porcelain, and lime stones are called soft rocks and can be processed with soft stone cutting machines. Because these machines are technically designed for processing soft stones.

Major types of natural facade stones

  Natural facadestones are commonly divided into five general categories. These stones include granite, onyx, China stones, travertine, and marble. This classification is the most common classification in the market of processed stones. Of course, other types such as traonyx and limestone are also in this classification, but for two reasons, these stones are not important as the first five categories. First, traonyx is a combination of travertine and onyx and has no independent character, as does limestone. The second reason is that the proportion of these rocks is very small compared to the main rocks.

Export of all kinds of stones

Supply and export of major types of stones are done by Kian Karaman Aria Trading Company with a history of activity in the field of foreign trade. We are ready to provide export marketing services to reputable manufacturers and traders in the field of export of building stones, and by having our commercial offices in different countries and benefiting from local experts based in China, UAE and other countries, we will be your bridge of communication with foreign buyers.

Kian Karaman Aria Company with a brilliant history in foreign trade is one of the largest suppliers of goods in the field of trade of handmade and machine-made carpets, domestic and foreign legumes and pulses, dried fruits and nuts, dairy products, spices, saffron, petrochemical, plastic raw materials, and construction stones. One of the most important goals of the management of this complex is the direct supply of all kinds of natural building and decorative stones with the qualities desir customers and offering competitive prices to esteemed customers.

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