Best Organic Almonds

Best Organic Almonds – Almonds, like walnuts and pistachios, are among the delicious nuts that also have many health benefits. Almonds are made from the fruit of the almond tree.

Almond Nutrition Facts

Almonds, like walnuts and pistachios, are among the delicious nuts that also have many health benefits. Almonds are made from the fruit of the almond tree.

Almond milk is also a delicious drink and a good substitute for cow’s milk especially for those with a dairy allergy.

You can also eat almonds on an empty stomach; Eating almonds on an empty stomach can increase the amount and speed of its absorption of nutrients in the body.

Almonds are a rich source of vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium, protein, fiber, manganese, riboflavin, and healthy fats.

Important reasons to eat more of these healthy tree nuts

1. Improving brain health

2. Reducing belly fat

3. Adjusting cholesterol levels

4. Reducing inflammation

5. Blood sugar control

6. Regulating blood pressure

7. Preventing cancer

8. Preventing diabetes

9. Preventing heart disease

10. etc.


Types of Iranian Almonds

Tree almonds are divided into two groups: bitter almonds and sweet almonds. Bitter almonds are not edible, but like sweet almonds, they are rich in minerals, so they are used in various industries. Sweet almonds are: Mamra, Moheb (Paper-Shell Almonds), & Sangi.

Sangi almond is one of the most common types of tree almonds that are widely cultivated in Iran. This almond has a high resistance to aridity, so it is also cultivated in rainfed. Almond has an oval shape with a pointed tip and the lower part is curved. The skin of this almond is very thick and the kernel is very fat. The percentage of fat in Sangi almonds is higher than other tree almonds that is used to prepare almond oil.

Mamra almond is one of the best tree almonds that has a thick shell, like the Sangi almond. Mamra almond kernel is larger and has a light color. This almond originates from Iran and is mainly cultivated in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province. Mamra almonds have fatty and brittle kernels. India is one of the major buyers of Mamra almonds from Iran.

Paper-shell almond is one of the most popular and sought-after types of Iranian almonds. This almond, as its name suggests, has a very thin shell and can be easily broken with finger pressure. The percentage of kernels of this almond is more than stone almonds and midwifery. Paper-shell almonds are a luxury type of almonds that have a high export rate.

Each type of almond is sold as a kernel or with shell, raw or salty, and in different quality grades.

Iranian almonds Vs American almonds

American almonds are mostly large, uniform in shape, with a smooth, light-colored appearance, and have no bitterness at all. Iranian almonds are smaller, thinner, and darker than foreign almonds, and they are a little bit bitter in their taste; and of course tastier.

Another important point is about the difference in the nutritional value of Iranian and American almonds. Among Iranian almonds, Mamra almonds contain 50% oil, while natural American almonds contain only 25-30% oil. Almond oil is the main unit of nutritional storage in almonds. Qualitatively, Mamra almond kernels are much more nutritious than other types of almonds.

The next point is that Mamra almond is grown organically without the use of chemicals. But American almonds undergo chemical processing and are refined with very high heat. Intense heat processing reduces the healthy oil content of almonds. American almonds have a sweeter taste due to chemical processing. These almonds are better to use for cooking and garnishing, but Mamra almonds are more suitable for direct consumption.

Almond kernel purchase price

The price of almonds depends on several factors, including whether or not they are peeled, quality, freshness, type of packaging, and uniformity of almonds in each package.

The main supply and export of almond is done by Kian Karaman Aria Trading Company with a brilliant history in foreign trade. Kian Karaman Aria Company is one of the largest suppliers of goods in the field of trade of domestic and foreign legumes and pulses, dried fruits and nuts, dairy products, spices, and saffron. One of the most important goals of the management of this complex is the direct supply of almond types according to the World Health Standard and the Food and Drug Administration with the qualities desired by customers and offering competitive prices to esteemed customers.

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