Almond Exporter – Introducing Almonds

Almond Exporter – Introducing Almonds


Almond is a fruit native to the Middle East, but is produced worldwide and in many production centers. The United States is the largest producer of almonds in the world, accounting for more than 46 percent of world production, or 2.2 million tons. Spain, Morocco, and Iran are next. Almonds are divided into two general categories, bitter and sweet. Bitter almonds have to go through a pasteurization process to earn export and consumption points. Almonds are rich in protein, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron, which are good for the body. The largest volume of exports belongs to peeled almonds.

What is Mamra Almond and what are its characteristics?

Mamra Almond is one of the best and highest quality Iranian almonds. This almond has a very thick and firm skin and is difficult to break, so it is mostly exported to different countries in the form of almond kernels. Mamra Almond kernels are light in color, high in fat, high in nutritional value, and have a very sweet taste. Mamra Almond is the only almond whose core is 100% sweet and not bitter.

The most important features of Mamra Almonds are:


Sweet taste High in fat High twin percentage Bright colors of the brain Suitable for nut consumption Suitable for export High supply and demand Abundant nutritional value Mamra Almond is a native of Chaharmahal Bakhtiari and Shahrekord provinces and is produced only in this province and in the areas along the Zayandeh River such as Saman and Bon. Mamra Almond is a late-flowering cultivar but its fruit is early ripening. The fruit is harvested in early September. Mamra Almond is the most commercial type of Iranian almond and in recent years has enjoyed booming sales and exports. Unlike the thriving export market, this product does not have much domestic consumption because the Mamra Almond is not yet fully known among the people, and on the other hand, it has a high price.

Destination export countries Mamra Almond

The largest volume of Iranian Mamra Almond exports to India is that about 80% of Iranian Mamra Almonds are exported to this country. But Mamra Almonds are also in great demand in other countries, including:



Arabic countries

European countries

Seller and exporter of Mamra Almonds


Mamra Almond is one example of tree almond produced in Iran, exported to other countries due to its tasty kernel and high nutritional value. Mamra Almond is a new and high-quality product and has been seriously massproduced for about 20 years. The high resistance of Mamra Almond tree against pests and diseases and the production of quality fruit has increased the desire of farmers to cultivate this crop.

Kian Karaman Aria Trading Company is a major seller and exporter of Mamra Almond kernels and can supply high-quality Iranian almonds to customers in different places. We are engaged in the direct sale and export of Mamra Almonds and other types of Iranian almonds. Karaman Group is ready to cooperate with domestic traders and foreign traders. Contact us now to buy, sell, import, and export this product.

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