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Export to Turkey

According to Mehr, quoting Turkish Trade Minister Xinhua, Rohsar Pekan said that Turkey’s exports in 2020 reached $ 169.5 billion, despite unfavorable conditions caused by

US trade deficit in November

The US trade deficit widened to $ 68.1 billion in November, with imports growing less than exports, Xinhua reported. A new US Department of Commerce

Iran-Venezuela trade with faculty

Sorena Sattari will travel to Venezuela with a business and technology delegation in March. Holding a trade and technology meeting between Iran and Venezuela and


Iranian Fruit Export

One of the most popular businesses in Iran is fruit exports. We all know that Iran, due to the excellent weather conditions in the four seasons, has favorable conditions for growing various fruits in its soil, and this is a very good advantage

Export of Iranian High-Quality Apple

Export of Iranian High-Quality Apple – Apple exports and apple production in Iran have grown very well in the past year. Statistics and results obtained from apple export and production studies confirm this positive growth.

Almond Exporter – Introducing Almonds

Almond Exporter – Introducing Almonds Almond is a fruit native to the Middle East, but is produced worldwide and in many production centers. The United States is the largest producer of almond in the world, accounting for more than 46 percent